VLT HIGH-END PROPERTIES LTD Reg. No. 870 & Licence No. 435/E


A Highrise building, unlike others in Limassol, was approved yesterday by the Environmental Authority, with public and social benefits such as the creation of a park, the floodplain, and underground public parking. The planning permission for the proposed Aura project is now pending.

Aura has a height of 178.50 meters, of which 24 meters is the elevation, i.e., six floors will be vacant, so as to ensure the spatial and visual connection of the park to the coastal front, as well as to secure the improving the comforts of residents and the area in ventilation, lighting and sea views in particular.

The building consists of 43 floors, 37 of which are residential, five mechanical, and one floor of shared facilities. The proposed construction is 26,000 sq.m. approximately with each residential level, typically accommodating four apartments.

The high-rise building will be developed on the site of the Debenhams department store and parking spaces in the Neapolis municipality of Limassol. Debenhams - Olympia demolition work is expected to begin as soon as the necessary demolition permits are issued and is expected to last 3-4 months. Construction of the Aura project will start as soon as the demolition of the existing building is completed and is expected to take 36 months.

Aura will include 136 residences, machinery facilities, a linear park (with a square, a public green space and accessibility facilities for the disabled), a reception, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities in the underground (public park) four-story car park.

Access to the site of the proposed project will be possible through the 28th of October Avenue, Mavromichali Street, Kyrenia Street, and Andrea Zaimi Street, which will cross the project.

The piece is adjacent to the Beach Protection Area, approximately 430 meters from Agios Georgios Fragoudi Beach 1, 330 meters from Agios Georgios Fragoudi Beach 2, and about 290 meters from Olympias Beach.

The Department of Water Development has informed that floods have occurred in the study area earlier due to heavy rainfall on the Limassol coastal road adjacent to the proposed project.

At sea the discharge of drainage water

A study of the effects on water quality and the marine environment of Limassol Bay from the rejection of salty water and mud resulting from dredging excavations, back to sea, through underground pipelines, was carried out for the proposed project. As it turns out, the underground aquifer of the area will not be damaged but is expected to be affected during excavation and drainage operations.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Committee, which endorsed the proposed development, notes that the drainage methodology provides for the installation of drilling rigs. Submersible pumps will do drainage. Drainage ditches will also be constructed around dug excavations inside - also equipped with pumps - to drain the water that is collected inside.

Also, the ditches will be coated with permeable geo-fabric, which will be filled with gravel. This method will be used to avoid problems in the operation of the particulate pumps in water.


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